#55: Seth Godin—5 Huge Paradigm Shifts that Will Change the Way You Do Marketing - Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller

This week, we’re honored to welcome Seth Godin to the Building a StoryBrand podcast. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last fifteen years, you recognize Seth Godin as a preeminent influencer in the marketing world. And in an industry that can be so noisy, cheesy, and in-your-face, Seth’s thinking stands out. It’s deep and it’s well-reasoned. And it’s humanistic, affirming at its core that marketing is ultimately about people and the relationships we build with them. In this conversation, Donald Miller and Seth Godin cover a lot of ground, including: *How to ship your projects quickly without sacrificing quality *Why the old models of marketing are failing and what it takes to succeed today *The psychology behind why people buy (most of us miss it) *The perils of not understanding the world we’re marketing in *Why now is an ideal time to be a creative person At every point in the conversation, Seth challenges us to think differently about marketing. And when we do, we’ll find a massive opportunity to set our businesses apart and make more meaningful connections with our customers. Listen now! http://buildingastorybrand.com/55
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