Episode 29: Tim Alison, Founder of Screw The Naysayers Productions - The Power of Bold

In the twenty-ninth episode of the podcast, Adam speaks with Tim Alison, the founder and CEO of Screw The Naysayers Productions. Throughout their discussion, Adam and Tim speak about entrepreneurship and those naysayers who try to deter and distract you from achieving your goals. The conversation begins with Tim sharing his entrepreneurial origin story, including how he left his six-figure corporate job in Toronto to become an entrepreneur in a tiny Nova Scotian fishing village (02:23 - 08:48). Tim then discusses how he escaped the golden handcuffs syndrome when leaving his job and why recognizing and pursuing his deeper values made his move that much easier (08:49 - 17:34). From there, Tim shares how he dealt with the naysayers who seriously doubted his entrepreneurial plans (17:35 - 22:21), how he became interested in educational software (22:22 - 26:45), how his boldness opened up doors that he never expected (26:46 - 33:14) and how he recruited team members and built a multimillion-dollar business while living in a small town (33:15 - 36:99). Adam and Tim then discuss the naysayers themselves—including whether they provide any value (37:00 - 43:31)—and the one thing that listeners can immediately do if they are facing naysayers in their lives (43:32 - 48:18). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.
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