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If you’ve ever looked for more inspiration and guidance in your life, then do we have the dharma show for you! Today I’ll be talking with Linda Egenes, author of more than 500 articles and five books on the benefits of meditation, yoga and other vedic techniques for improving health, and co-author of an incredibly readable version of an ancient wisdom text, a book I can’t put down, though it’s a LOT of book, The Ramayana. (Co-authored along with Kumuda Reddy) And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about dharma, or our existence and the life lessons we can learn from the Ramayana, and how we can put them into place in our lives. That plus we’ll talk about a golden deer, the power of a squirrel, getting swallowed up by mother earth, flying monkeys, rediscovering who we truly are, and why you might not want to date a demon. Happiness, Compassion & Love Self-Improvement & Self-Help Spirituality Topics Include: * What Maharishi Ayurveda has to do with the Ramayana * What is the Ramayana and why is it read by over 1 billion people worldwide * How the Ramayana influenced George Lucas and Star Wars * Why do these myths always involve wars or tremendous battles * What can we learn about kindness and compassion from this book * What are some of the lessons we can learn here about the nature of our nature * What Tony Nader has written about the Ramayana about how it takes place in our physiology “The Ramayana in Human Physiology” * What can we learn from Hanuman * What is a tapis, and what is a boon? * What’s a severe version of meditation? * What is this Romeo and Juliet story and what happened to the lovers * What it means to spiritually remember your spiritual true nature * What does nature have to do with our existence? * Why everyone is viewed as an equal * Why it’s important to embrace even our enemies * What’s the importance of loyalty in the Ramayana? * What it means to transcend struggle by going to your higher dharma. * What it means to be true to dharma * What in the world is car-horn dharma * What kindness and compassion have to do with everything * Why transcendental meditation works * How the Ramayana can help our kids * What the Ramayana teach children about treating others * What our daughters can learn from Sita in the Ramayana * How meditation is her ‘inner woo-hoo’! * To find Linda Egenes’s blog: Linda Egenes On Ancient Wisdom from the Ramayana for Love, Health, Happiness, Kindness & Compassion! Meditation | Spirituality | Spiritual | Ayurveda | Inspiration | Motivation | Inspirational | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire For More Info Visit:
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