REI Diamonds Show with Aaron Hendon on Real Estate Blind Spots - REI Diamonds-Real Estate Investment Podcast

Aaron & Dan Discuss: How to Create a “Multiple Offer Situation” on EVERY DEAL  Psychological “Mental Shortcuts” that stand in the way of the deal One “Must Have” Piece of Info to Include in EVERY LISTING to Make YOUR HOUSE Look like a Real Bargain How to Get a Copy of Aaron’s new Book “Real Estate Blind Spots” FREE   Mentioned Episodes: (There are 86 Content Packed Interviews in Total)  Austin Stack on Being Drafted onto the Diamond Equity Team Dan Breslin on Gentrification-Doubling Property Values Paul Sloate June Monthly Market Update Carl Fischer on Private Lending & Tax Free Real Estate Investing   Resources Mentioned in the Episode:   Do You Know Anyone Else Who’s a Real Estate Investor?  Do You Think they’d Also Enjoy this Episode? Please Forward this Link & Tell Them to:   Sign Up for the REI Diamonds Weekly Podcast Your Copy of “Become a Wholesale Real Estate Master” Just Go to to Download a Copy & Check out Recent Popular Episodes.  
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