REBECCA ROTHSCHILD INTERVIEW With Game and Movie's booth right next to Mutant Football League's, we got to talk to amazing personalities like Digital Dream's creative director Michael Mendheim, and the voice of NBA JAM Tim Kitzrow. However, we found there was still more amazing talent hiding over there when we met Rebecca Rothschild. So, of course Tony sat down and asked her about working with Digital Dreams and her other creative outputs. WRITING COPY FOR AN ICON Rebecca Rothschild is a woman of many talents and exceptional endeavors. To start we went over her duties writing the voice over script for Mutant Football League, which is a dream job if there ever was one. I mean, seriously. Imagine writing lines for Tim Kitzrow to bust out regarding killer robots and evil orcs demolishing each other! That shit is the definition of tite. COMIX ZONE We also talked about other huge things going on in her life including creating and writing not one, but two comic projects! One is called Shero and Vex, a situational webcomic about foul mouthed roommates, and the other is a science fiction print series about prohibition in space called Warshiner. All of this, and yet we didn't even touch on her past work in video games with the incredibly gory Mortal Kombat X ,and that she is the editor in chief of a female staffed video game website called Sugar Gamers. Where do you find the time?  Go ahead and take a half hour break, eh Rebecca? You earned it. BRING IT HOME After talking with her, it's obvious she loves what she does, and who would argue? With all thae kickass things she has going on, it's hard to imagine she has time to high five herself. We ended the interview with her answering the questions for the public. You should check out what she does by clicking on the links below. Yer going to love it. Thanks for talking to us Rebecca, and good luck this year with all of your projects! We hope you enjoy the interview! MORE INFO ON REBECCA AND HER WORKS: Twitter: Facebook: Mutant Football League: Shero and Vex: Shero and Vex Facebook: Warshiner: Sugar Gamers: LISTEN/SUBSCRIBE: iTUNES: GOOGLE PLAY: SOUNDCLOUD: YOUTUBE: STITCHER: TUNEIN: CONNECT: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM: E-MAIL: PHONE: (414) 530-5432 Call us with your hot movie and gaming takes! Get on the horn with that drunk dial and we’ll react on a future episode! Sound-Off, GaM-ers! MUSIC CREDITS: INTRO MUSIC: “Get Ready” - Composed by David Wise - R.C. PRO AM OUTRO MUSIC: Written and used with permission by Mark Peterson
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