Episode 31 - Powerful Direct Mail Marketing Secrets - Real Estate Success With Jim Ingersoll

In this week's Investor Success Podcast with special guest, Zach Braunel, we talk about the secret sauce of successful direct mail marketing campaigns to find motivated sellers using postcards and yellow letters Discussion Points on Direct Mail Marketing: * Direct mail results with postcards vs. yellow letters * The power of a personalized letter * Why variable font printing is critical * Marketing in disguise strategy: * Small invitation size envelopes * Address label on back * Easy to open envelope (flap tucked in, not glued shut) * Why multiple touch campaigns work: * Mailing 1 - Ivory envelope/red ink * Mailing 2 - Gray envelope/blue ink * Mailing 3 - Blue envelope/Green ink * How to create a power list for deals: * Absentee owned * Length of ownership * Equity position * Date of birth of owner Ready to take your investing to the next level? Join your podcast host, Jim Ingersoll, in the Investor Success Mastermind
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