How Much Does it Cost to Start a Podcast? - The Thought Card

Today I’m joined by Shereen “a.k.a. funnybrowngirl” Kassam. Shereen is an internationally touring stand up comedian, radio personality, actress and the host of Creative Breakthrough a podcast where passion and hustle meet. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast and wondering how much it costs, this episode is for you. My hope is that by pulling back the curtain a bit and sharing how much podcasting costs, you’ll be able to make an informed financial decision about starting a podcast.   Connect with Shereen Kassam:   Website:  Facebook: @funnybrowngirl Instagram: @funnybrowngirl Twitter: @funnybrowngirl   Connect with Me: Podcast Website: Facebook: @thethoughtcard Instagram: @thethoughtcard Twitter: @thethoughtcard    For all of the resources mentioned in this episode visit our website:
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