27: BEA 2015 - Swoony Boys Podcast

Podcast Notes * We remind you about our previous posts about BEA, including our 2014 BEA Podcast Episode and our Pre-BEA posts filled with fun tips. * We kicked things off talking about our favorite books we grabbed at BEA. * Then we spent some time lamenting the fact that we don't rule the world and metaphorically wept over the fact that we didn't get a few books that we really wanted. Even the ones that haven't been written yet. * Next we dished on some of the authors that we were crazy excited to meet/see. * We came to the conclusion that Adam Silvera was actually stalking us instead of the the other way around. * Then we discussed some of the awesome Publisher and Blogger Events we got to attend. #totalwin * We mentioned some of the reasons this BEA was the best ever. Pedicures and napping together were involved. * Then we talk about BEA 2016, which has a new location (Chicago) and earlier dates (May 11 - May 13, 2016)! * And again, Like every podcast, we have some more thank yous. ♥
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