Episode 17 - Frank - Not So Boring Conversations

Craft breweries are one of the fastest growing industries in Canada. In Ontario there were about 70 craft breweries in 2009, by 2014 that number had doubled to 140. With the help of updated liquor laws it has made it financial possible for small brewers to prosper in a market normally dominated by the larger beer companies. This has introduced many people to a whole new world of fresh, great tasting beer that can be found in their own neighborhoods and Tecumseh, Ontario has one of the best. Already a silver medal winner at the 2016 Ontario Brewery Awards in their first year, Frank Brewing Co. is home to some of the best beer in Southern Ontario. I sat down with Owner/president Shane Meloche and head brewer Brad Wright to talk about what it takes to operate a craft brewery, public's changing tastes, and the inspiration for Frank Brewing Co.
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