Episode 52 – Managing Your Energy - Rebel Guru Radio

In this episode, Eric reveals strategies for managing your energy throughout the day and feel your best. Learn how optimism contributes to your well-being and discover the difference between biochemical emotion and true emotion. Then, learn how to increase your economic success with this one little hack. Enjoy! In this show we cover:  * How to recognize why and when your biochemicals are taking over and what to do about it. * Instead of focusing on rewiring your brain, learn to see the people in your life as neural networks and practice mindfulness to choose whether you let them affect you or not.  * Learn about the relationship dynamics between your energy consciousness and your biochemical body. * How to assist your biological self to move past relationship breakups. * Discover why true emotion is more real and more fulfilling than biochemical emotion * Learn to tap your sex drive to achieve higher economic success. Magnetic Pill- Click to Purchase   Related Courses: Ties That Bind Thought Reflection High Gaurd EJP Live - CLICK HERE TO ATTEND
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