174: Lou Hirsch interview (WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT - Baby Herman) - Saturday Morning Rewind: Cartoon Podcast

Lou Hirsch (the voice of Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit) joins Tim for this amazing episode!  If you're a fan of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (and who isn't?!)... then you'll love this episode. Also, make sure to subsribe to Tim's new YouTube channel (his vlog channel): That 80's Kid - TIM NYDELL   We would like to thank our Patreon supporters for this month:       Mike Clemons Gemma Bright Torrie Garvin Q FORTIER           Visit our Patreon page and get some rewards for donating each month: PATREON Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: HERE (we have TWO YouTube Channels) Don't forget to donate to help keep us going - even if it's a dollar: DONATE Please rate us on iTunes: iTunes Visit our website: www.SaturdayMorningRewind.com Follow us on Twitter: @SaturdayRewind Follow us on Facebook: Facebook Follow us on Instagram: @SaturdayRewind
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