This Founder's Going Back To His Roots With Paper Plane Coffee - We Could Make That

What do Colombia, Kermit the Frog and a mariachi band have in common? Not much, except for the fact that they're all tied together in one person: Jonathan Echeverry. As a kid, Jonathan split his time between Atlanta, where his family owned a Mexican restaurant, and Colombia, where they owned a coffee farm. Now, Jonathan has full circled back to the summers of his childhood with his new company, Paper Plane Coffee Co. As the founder of the company, Jonathan says he's connecting to something much bigger than the bean: "Now, I find myself going back to my roots and trying to continue the legacy of my family through coffee."  If you love coffee — or if you know nothing about coffee — this episode is a deep dive into this magical bean. For example, did you know coffee is a fruit that resembles a cherry and that it can taste like hibiscus or bell pepper when picked ripe from the vine?   In this episode, Jonathan gives me the lowdown on how climate change is affecting Colombian beans, what you should taste for when trying a new cuppa joe, and what struggles he's had in starting a business.  Full show notes:
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