Aliza Licht: Leaving Your Mark - The Femails

Meet Aliza Licht, the senior vice president of brand marketing and communications at Alice + Olivia and author of Leave Your Mark, a bestselling career advice book. Aliza started with aspirations to become a plastic surgeon before she let her creative side take over and moved into the media world. And it’s a good thing she did because Aliza’s been a major player in fashion PR for over 20 years—thanks to ingenuity like her notorious role as the voice behind the DKNY PR Girl Twitter feed.   Aliza quickly became every woman’s favorite mentor with her book, Leave Your Mark—where she shared her honest experience with ditching her dream job to pursue entrepreneurship—spoiler alert! being a CEO of Nothing wasn’t her thing Get ready to learn: * How to say “no” more often at work * Why entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as it looks on social media * What it means to leave your mark on your career and life  
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