014 Trauma and Therapeutic Touch - The Honey Be Podcast

Host Vena Davis, LCSW talks to A. Raymond Johnson, a Licensed Massage and Body Work Therapist based in Asheville, North Carolina.   Raymond explains what shiatsu is, how it can help with many challenges including insomnia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and some tips if you don’t have access to a shiatsu practitioner.   Website: MountainZenShiatsu.com Email: mountainzenshiatsu@gmail.com Twitter: @raymondj & @mtnzenshiatsu Instagram: @araymondj & @mountainzenshiatsu Facebook.com/MountainZenShiatsu Music: Purplefluorite.bandcamp.com (or find me on: Spotify, Tidal, iTunes/Apple Music, GooglePlay, Amazon, Deezer)   To find a shiatsu worker near you, they can check out the AOBTA website http://www.aobta.org/find-a-practitioner
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