The Daily Coffee Pro | #70 Be Careful of Who You Piss Off on Your Way to the Top - The MAP IT FORWARD Podcast

Today on The Daily Coffee Pro @leesafar shares an experience of how some unprofessional behaviour from the past came full circle today and the learning that came from it #thedailycoffeepro ************************** The Daily Coffee Pro by MAP IT FORWARD is sponsored by: MAP IT FORWARD - Get tickets to our upcoming webinar 'Barista & Beyond- Mapping a Successful 10 year Career in The Coffee Industry. Early Bird Tickets $53. Regular price - $79 Got to for details. Elixir Specialty Coffee - Looks like whiskey, feels like tea, made from coffee and unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Now shelf stable for 12 months. Follow Elixir on social media @elixirspecialtycoffee. Use the code imapitforward for a one time 10% discount from your first order and get great discounts when you subscribe. Listen on Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: Don't forget to subscribe, rate this podcast and share it with your friends!
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