Jill Abramson: Recovery Mode - The Femails

Meet Jill Abramson, author and Harvard college professor.  She also happens to be the first and only woman to hold the position of Executive Editor at The New York Times, a role she’d lose in a very public way Jill Abramson’s ascent at The New York Times makes perfect sense considering Jill is a native New Yorker through and through and she spent years in journalism including in the managing editor role at the Times before taking the top spot in 2011. But Jill's leadership role didn't last long and when she was fired in 2013, the whole world talked about it, wrote about, and speculated on why it happened. From her leadership style to personality, the media covered it all. Jill's story is about resilience, female allyship, and why every woman should ask the tough questions around salary—just because you're holding the top position in the company, doesn't mean you're free from experiencing gender inequality at work.   Show Notes: The Gimmie Script Jill Abramson Twitter Strange Justice www.careercontessa.com
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