Watching The Elite #22 (All Out Preview, All Elite Wrestling August 2019) - This Is Awesome? / Watching the Elite

Welcome to episode 22 of Watching the Elite - The only podcast you need to stay current with everything All Elite Wrestling! Your hosts are the boys of This is Awesome? - Joaquin, Frank and Chuck. For the August 2019 edition of WTE we are discussing Being the Elite episodes 164-167, episodes of Road to All Out, as well our giant-sized All Out Preview. Highlights from this block of episodes include: Cody singing his hearts’ song, Hangman talking about Cowboy Shit, and Kenny Omega cutting an all-time promo on Jon Moxley. Skip to timecode 01:13:18  to go directly to our AEW All Out Preview If you have any questions, comments, or corrections please e-mail us at or hit us up @TIAPOD on twitter.
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