Joulez - Stephanie Rowe, Founder & CEO [1-Year Lookback] - The Early Stage Podcast

When I started the pod, one of the things I was super excited about was tracking entrepreneurs closely as they went on the rollercoaster journey that is startup life. The 1-year lookback podcast with RateGravity was so great I decided to do it again. Stephanie Rowe has been hard at work as Founder & CEO of Boston-based IoT startup Joulez, which is reimagining STEM for every girl by designing experiences that inspire them. The company was founded to build fun, fashionable products, starting with room accessories, that encourage girls to explore engineering and programming and built confidence to compete for tomorrow's tech jobs. Since we spoke on Episode 2, Stephanie pursued and won a prestigious Phase 1 SBIR grant, only 11% are accepted -- and she won it on her first try! A second product, which is still under wraps, is being developed alongside her first product, an IoT lamp for the bedroom. In this conversation we discuss: - Why she's been under the radar when some of her peers have gotten loud - Where she sees the evolution in STEM toys for boys and girls - Who she is looking for in a co-founder - How often doubt creeps in, and how she copes - And how to deal with family tragedy as a startup founder Identity. Vocabulary. Skills. Tribe. These are the four tenets underpinning every decision she makes for her company, and for the millions of young girls she serves. Ride alongside as we dive in.
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