Transitioning from Independent Contributor to a Great Manager - The Femails

Today’s teacher is Julie Zhuo, author of The Making of a Manager and now one of Silicon Valley’s top product design executives at Facebook. Julie started her career in tech as an intern and became a rookie manager at 25. She felt lost and unprepared to succeed in this new role. Could she be a great manager with almost no prior managerial experience? Fast-forward to today with Julie having been a leader for quite some time, we’ve brought her on to talk about one of the hardest transitions—going from an independent contributor to a manager. Julie cuts through the industry jargon with actionable tips we can’t wait to share with you.   And because we’re here for that real-talk advice, be sure to stick around till after Julie’s teachable moment because we’ll be answering your listener questions starting with should you stick around for a promised promotion even if your work culture is toxic? You can submit your career questions for us to answer on future episodes by leaving us a voicemail at 844-FEMAILS Show Notes: Career Contessa Instagram 844-FEMAILS (844- 336-2457) The Making of a Manager
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