Episode 55 – Rewriting Your Reality - Rebel Guru Radio

Mastering Your Manifestations Are you sabotaging your own manifestations? Manifestations are an amplification of the desire of interest you are looking for, but In this live session, learn how to help the Universe help you in your manifestations. Plus, learn how to boost your manifestations through proper preparation. This podcast was recorded as a live stream via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube on January 28, 2019. Enjoy! In this show we cover:  * Helping the Universe help you in your manifestations * Manifesting love, how your spirituality plays into that, and how wordplay might be affecting you * Learning to look at the bigger picture while manifesting * Manifesting motivation and using it to your advantage * The role that gratitude play in manifestations * How to properly prepare for your manifestations and what you may be doing wrong
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