De La Fit Podcast season 2 ep 19 Interview with John Blackley - De La Fit Podcast

If there's one thing John Blackley knowns well, it's the mental and spiritual healing of that comes from being active, fit and healthy. Born into a family of athlete's and growing up in the fitness lifestyle he's seen it all, running and owning gyms, training athletes and pro bodybuilders. John has 30 yrs wealth of experience where it comes to the subject of fitness and its effect on the mind. Today De La Fit Podcast is anxious and proud to sit down with Mr. Blackey and pick his brain on the topic of what being physically active means to know only to the body but to the mind. Also in our "Dropping the Jewels"segment we'll be discussing the benefits of exercise on sexual health and physical stamina. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Voice Messages
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