Largest Stone Circle in Europe / Contemporary Spiritual Teacher Allison Sutter / New Perspectives and Relationships - Spiritual Fizz

The largest stone circle in Europe was built around 5 millennia ago during the Neolithic period. Our featured guest, Allison Sutter is a best selling author and contemporary spiritual teacher, who shares her spiritual insights with us. Reflect about new perspectives of spirituality and personal relationships. Learn about upcoming mindful events and spiritual observances including World Religion Day. Show Segments * Intro: 00:00 * Spiritual Reflection: New Perspectives: 01:16 * Spiritual Events and Observances: World Religion Day: 02:40 * Spiritual Places: Avebury Monument: 04:34 * Featured Guest: Contemporary Spiritual Teacher, Allison Sutter: 06:50 * Outro: 20:50 Our Featured Guest Allison Sutter is a best selling author and contemporary spiritual teacher. She's also highly acclaimed for her ability to seamlessly blend spirituality and practical self-help information making it relevant to daily life. Her new book, Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake Off Fear and Unleash the Real You, is available on Amazon. Her digital courses have been used by students in more than 32 countries, and are available on her website.  Show Resources and Links The International Holistic Art Expo. World Religion Day The Avebury World Heritage site Activities of the Holy Father Pope Francis. The schedule for the Dalai Lama. Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng events. Join our Spiritual Community Today Get exclusive access to podcasts, videos, our private Facebook group and more. Available only to Spiritual Fizz subscribers. Find out more about the Spiritual Fizz Podcast Please support us by subscribing to this podcast on iTunes and tell your friends about us. We look forward to being with you next time when we talk more about the connections between the spiritual and physical worlds.
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