Girls To The Front: Kathleen Hanna's Activism - Supercontext: an autopsy of media

Special guest Cristen Conger (Unladylike, Stuff Mom Never Told You) helps us unpack the activism of musician Kathleen Hanna. After the January 2017 Women's Marches we look at Hanna's methods of protest, including Riot Grrrl, articulation and disruption. iTunes direct link Google Play direct link Additional Resources: * Cyndi Lauper Denounces Madonna’s Women’s March Speech: “Yelling Just Jacks People Up” * Julie Ruin - Be Nice at The Wrecking Ball ATL Fest 2016 * Don't Need You - The Herstory of Riot Grrrl * Bikini Kill in the U.K. 1993 * Kathleen Hanna @ Planned Parenthood Stand Up For Women's Health Rally * The Riot Grrrl Collection at the Fales Library: Collection Overview * Q&A: Riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna on sexuality, marriage and music * Feeling Myself: Kathleen Hanna Gets Back to Work * SXSW: Kathleen Hanna in new doc 'The Punk Singer' * Punk Rock-Feminist Pioneer Kathleen Hanna on Her SXSW Doc and More * Fans demand an apology from Kathleen Hanna in Toronto Julie Ruin concert banner drop * Kathleen Hanna on Tokenism, Therapy, and Where Riot Grrrl Went Wrong  
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