The Daily Coffee Pro | #91 Make a Plan to Laugh Every Day - The MAP IT FORWARD Podcast

Today on The Daily Coffee Pro @LeeSafar talks about how the strategy to prioritise laughing everyday has made intensity of a huge workload not only bearable, but enjoyable! #thedailycoffeepro Checkout: @joerogan @iamwandasykes @thechristinap (her husband @seguratom is a savage racist apparently #louisiana ) @bertkreischer @comediennemspat and the great #georgecarlin. And you have to see this!!: The Daily Coffee Pro by MAP IT FORWARD is sponsored by: Elixir Specialty Coffee - Looks like whiskey, feels like tea, made from coffee and unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Follow Elixir on social media @elixirspecialtycoffee. Use the code imapitforward for a one time 10% discount from your first order and get great discounts when you subscribe to our Elixir Lovers Club or VIP Elixir Lovers Club. Watch future podcast episodes live (or later) on YouTube or listen later on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Stitcher. Don't forget to subscribe, rate this podcast and share it with your friends!
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