Sadie Lincoln: Disrupting The Fitness Experience - The Femails

Meet Sadie Lincoln, the founder of Barre3, a boutique fitness studio offering full body workouts. Since 2008, Sadie’s been disrupting the fitness industry by putting community before company—always. And she comes by that love for community honestly. Sadie’s childhood was anything but typical. She was born in an adobe in New Mexico without any electricity to her mother who, along with her four best friends, banned together to create a village to support their children around their common core values. So, how did Sadie go from Eugene, Oregon to running one of the fastest growing boutique barre studios? Well, first she went the traditional route and then she listened to her intuition. On this episode, you'll learn: * How Sadie made the transition from corporate life to disrupting the wildly popular barre movement * One thing she thinks is incredibly important for building confidence * How her definitions of success are a constant work in progress   Show Notes: 28-Day Career Kickstart Career Contessa Instagram Barre3
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