Why Your Mindset Matters If You Want Health And Wealth with Tom Bilyeu - The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.

Ever notice how a growth mindset leads to opportunity and success and how a poverty mindset leaves you with nothing but want, and often spirals downwards into an ongoing funk? We have to use our physical state to change our mental state, and vice versa. There’s a feedback loop between our bodies and brains, which is why mindset and behavior are so powerful for creating the reality we desire.  This week on The Doctor’s Farmacy I dig into how to do that, and so much more, with Tom Bilyeu. Tom a filmmaker and serial entrepreneur who chased money hard for nearly a decade and came up emotionally bankrupt. To that end, he and his partners sold their technology company and founded Quest Nutrition—a company predicated not on money, but rather on creating value for people with the mission to end metabolic disease, something impacting Tom’s own family. After exiting Quest and generating extraordinary personal wealth, Bilyeu turned his attention to the other pandemic facing society, the poverty of poor mindset. To solve the mindset problem at scale and help hundreds of millions of people adopt an empowering mindset he has co-founded the media studio, Impact Theory with his business partner and wife, Lisa Bilyeu. Their aim is to influence the cultural subconscious by creating content that empowers people. This episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy is brought to you by ButcherBox. Now through December 31, 2019, ButcherBox is offering listeners of the podcast 2lbs of wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon and 4 grass-fed, grass-finished sirloin steaks for free in your first order PLUS $20 off your first box. Just go to ButcherBox.com/farmacy to take advantage of this great deal. Here are more of the details from our interview:  * Tom’s journey away from chasing money to identifying his true top values (5:20) * How the morbid obesity of his family members lead Tom to learn about health and nutrition (13:37) * The poverty of poor mindset (16:11) * Why Tom believes narrative is so fundamental to shifting mindset (23:15)  * The brain’s default mode network, psychedelics, and thought patterns (27:39) * Changing your physical state changes your mental state 34:24) * How a poverty mindset can become a fixed mindset, as opposed to one of growth (42:51) * Why believing you can improve is the only belief that matters (45:48)  * The benefits of being anti-fragile (54:15) * The success of Tom’s marriage (56:57) Find Impact Theory online at https://impacttheory.com/. Follow Tom Bilyeu on Facebook @TomBilyeu, on Instagram @TomBilyeu, and on Twitter @ImpactTheory.
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