E13: The Impact of Strong Black Woman Stereotype w/ Dominique Barnes-Walker, LSW, MSW - The Research Her: Evidence-Based Dialogue About Women's Health

Dominique Barnes-Walker is a Licensed Social Worker and an Individual, Couple and Family Therapist. Dominique works with a wide variety of individuals in therapy but loves working with people of color. She endorses several other skills within the field and as a research assistant, she focuses on engaging Black families in therapy. She has been my hero since the day we officially met. I spoke to her about her research when I was thinking about launching The Research Her podcast and was delighted to learn that her research focuses on Strong Black Woman Complex which is a topic greatly related to the mental and emotional wellbeing for many of us. She has been such a bright person in my life so it was honor interviewing her for the show.   Dominique grew up in Chicago and is a first-generation college student. She attended The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Social Work then continued on to earn her Master of Social Work. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Adler University and her dissertation topic is titled "The Impact of Strong Black Woman Stereotype on Romantic Relationships."   Connect with Dominique:   Linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/in/dominique-barnes-walkerlsw-msw-96a99913a/   Connect with Elissia: Website: TheResearchHer.com Instagram: @TheResearchHer Twitter: @TheResearchHer Facebook: @TheResearchHer   Show sources:   The icon of the strong Black woman: The paradox of strength.   Carrying the world with the grace of a lady and the grit of a warrior: Deepening our understanding of the “Strong Black Woman” schema   Strong Black Women Need Therapy, Too
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