Ep. 22 - Zemcar: Your Family's Trusted Driver - The Early Stage Podcast

It's 3am Monday morning, and I'm hard at work in the editing room, otherwise known as my couch. Tweaking each episode can take four to five hours, but sometimes the content is so good you finish wondering where the time went. Today's conversation with Juliette Kayyem, CEO of Zemcar, is one such episode. With safety and security the central themes of her career, Juliette spent time post Harvard Law School as advisor to Attorney General Janet Reno, a Homeland Security leader for Massachusetts and the US government, author of the book Security Mom, and host of WGBH's "The SCIF" podcast. Most recently, she took leave from Harvard Kennedy School of Government to take the helm of Zemcar, an angel-backed startup that connects busy families with hand-picked, trusted drivers for safe rides -- all through the mobile phone. Their initial focus addresses the ride market for children who are too old for daycare but too young to drive. In this episode, Juliette and I tackle her journey to the helm of Zemcar, evolving thoughts on company culture, her growth philosophy, and Zemcar's place in the ridesharing ecosystem. I had such a fun time learning from Juliette -- I know you will too. Zemcar Website -https://www.zemcar.com/ Zemcar Twitter - @ZemcarInfo Juliette's LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliettekayyem/ Juliette's Twitter -@juliettekayyem
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