DARAN NORRIS and THE 007 FILES - Damn Dirty Geeks

With SPECTRE now in theaters, actor and voice artist Daran Norris -- an uber 007 fan himself -- recently joined the Damn Dirty Geeks to share our mutual fascination and fandom of James Bond films and fiction from Ian Fleming's first novel up to the 24th  film. Looking ahead to SPECTRE, Daran and the DDG examine how different actors taking on the role of Bond, from Connery through Craig, have exploited different sides of 007 and how Bond has changed with them.  Some serious discussion about the evolution of the Bond film franchise also ensues, how they adapted or drifted away from Fleming's novels over the decades, but we also have plenty of fun ranking our favorite films, villains and Bond theme songs too. You'll likely recognize Daran from his 400 films, video game, and television roles including Cliff McCormack in VERONICA MARS, the voices of Cosmo, Jorgen Von Strangle, and Mr. Turner in THE FAIRLY ODD PARENTS, Knock Out in TRANSFORMERS PRIME, and Spottswoode in TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE. Your mission is to download or stream this all-007 podcast episode and save the free world. Sip on a martini with the Damn Dirty Geeks while you listen. If you like this episode, please rate and review the Damn Dirty Geeks podcast on our iTunes page.
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