Watching The Elite #19 Part 1 (BTE 150-152, All Elite Wrestling May 2019) - This Is Awesome? / Watching the Elite

Welcome to episode 19 (part 1) of Watching the Elite! The internet’s only podcast binging, recapping and annotating YouTube’s favorite pro wrestling show: Being The Elite and discussing all things AEW! Your hosts are the boys of This is Awesome? - Joaquin, Frank and Chuck. Each episode we cover a month of AEW activity and episodes of BTE on the road to Double or Nothing! In this episode we are discussing Being the Elite episodes 150-152 in addition to episodes of Road to Double Or Nothing, covering most of the month of May, 2019. Highlights from this block of episodes include: AEW signing a TV deal, The Best Friends demanding tag team action, and Hangman's Full Gear Challenge coming to an end. If you have any questions, comments, or corrections please e-mail us at or hit us up @TIAPOD on twitter. Essential Elite Episode List - Youtube Playlist
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