Vice Cream - Dan Schorr, Founder & CIO (Chief Icecream Officer) - The Early Stage Podcast

Imagine the utter joy and promise of taking a food brand from a regional player to a national powerhouse, meeting the woman of your dreams, getting married, buying your first house, and running 5 New York City marathons…only to find out that you have 12 weeks to live. Such was the devastating news received by Dan Schorr a couple years ago. Not to be deterred, Dan dove into his battles with lymphoma and the ice cream world with equal vigor. 20 months later, he had beaten cancer and expanded Vice Cream, his new venture, from 20 stores to 4,500. Taking a business from concept to reality means making huge personal and professional sacrifices, including raising money for Vice Cream in the dead of winter in New York City, but it’s those magic moments that keep Dan motivated to reach his dream of building an impactful company. It’s giving inspiration to others with cancer, closing big deals, and just having a beer with a good friend. I like to think I come at life with a ton of energy, but I felt like a slug compared to Dan’s passion and enthusiasm for life, business, and helping others. Let’s dig into the interview. Vice Cream Website - Twitter - @EatViceCream Early Stage Website - Early Stage Twitter - @EarlyStagePod
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