Episode 107: Tattered Flag BSW (or Brew, Distill, or Just Chill) - Beer Busters

With Pat Devlin, Tony Schneider & Dave Morrow at Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works Venturing to central PA, this time to Tattered Flag in Middletown, we sat down with owner Pat Devlin, head brewer Tony Schneider and assistant brewer Dave Morrow. We talked about the brewery and still works’ beginnings and philosophy, the perks and challenges of crafting beer and spirits under one roof, and much more. Dan reported on the latest happenings in the news, we played a new game entitled Ludicrous Liquor Laws (and Some Lies) in Happy Fun Time, and Steph talked about brewing with peppers (surprisingly for the first “official” time) in Know Your Beers. Plus, we sampled an array of Tattered Flag brews, topped off with a couple sips of whiskey.
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