Magic Meets Community: Pull Up a Chair & Sit a Spell - The Divine Breadcrumb

Today our guest is Robbi Packard, founder and owner of the metaphysical shop, The Robin’s Nest, where, as Robbi says, magic meets community. Robbi used to work in corporate, but life had other plans! The Robin's Nest is not just another shop; it's truly a place where you can hang out, talk with like-minded people, read, take classes all while breathing in the aroma of herbs, candles and essential oils. Robbi has created a very special space, but it didn't happen overnight. Robbi was able to marry her business skills with her interest in the metaphysical and create a place that is truly magical! As the Robin's Nest celebrates its 10th anniversary, Robbie shares some of the trials, tribulations (and Divine Breadcrumbs!) she faced along her journey, which ultimately led to success and fulfillment. The Robin's Nest community embraces everyone and is a microcosm of the world we light-workers would like to see. Connect with Robbi
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