Stop Stealing Dreams with Seth Godin Transformative Principal 131 - Transformative Principal

Yes, that Seth Godin! What an amazing opportunity to interview Seth on the podcast. He was so very generous with his time. I asked him questions like the following: How do you teach kids to connect the dots? Failure freezes. How do you make failing safe? Can everyone succeed being independent? How can the little guy compete with someone like Walmart? How do you help teachers not want to be competent anymore? How do you measure the experience? How do you know if has been successful? If we give kids the ability to dream, they’ll figure out the grammar and history the minute it helps them reach their dreams. Also, please be sure to sign up for the Transformative Leadership Summit to learn from some of the greatest minds in education today! How to make a ruckus in a highly bureaucratic, slow moving monstrosity that is education. * Has anyone done something that others were delighted by? * We’ve all been impacted by teachers who made a difference. * It is a mistake to first look at gravity if you are a beginning runner. * Brooke Jackson the Lab School NY * Show up with a different agenda * Already voted * If this were easy, everyone would be doing it. * Afraid of being called out by our hubris, getting in trouble with the bureaucracy. * Going outside the box * When we get true enrollment from the students. * 10% where we can have non-factory time. * What enrollment means. * What did the student and parents sign up for? * How to learn about Baseball * The lesson plan * What’s your attitude? * Interesting is more important than right. * Why memorize nothing? * We don’t need people to memorize recipes. * Sarah Kay poetry - no right answer for your poetry. * Competence is overrated. * Write books not read them. * What if they don’t learn the grammar that way? That happens to people who don’t have sufficient dreams. * Easy to retreat back to the safe place. * Seeking reassurance. * The only thing I’m trying to sell teachers is to challenge teachers to explore. * How do we protect against failure? * Why is doing more what we’ve doing any better? * People want to do things that matter. * People tend to feel cheated. * Better to be a musician than an instrument player. * It’s possible because we graduate kids who are better off. * Stated goals are wrong. * All schooling is home schooling. Schools must encourage and amplify the parents. * Kids teach their parents about what matters today. * Parents think the most important thing they can do is help kids be good at sports. * Jim engages with kids, their graduation chance improves by a factor of five! * How to be a transformative principal - recognize the heroes! Catch people doing something right * How to help kids solve interesting problems in that system.  Loading… Please take a moment to rate this podcast in iTunes or on Stitcher.  Please follow me on Twitter: @jethrojones for the host and @TrnFrmPrincipal for the show. Buy Communication Cards Show notes on Download Paperless Principal.   Sponsor: Sanebox Web Site Transformative Principal on Stitcher Refer A Principal Best Tools for Busy Administrators Survey
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