Health + Wellness News & Research: October + November 2018 WellBe Wrap-up - The WellBe Podcast with Adrienne Nolan-Smith (getwellbe) - The WellBe Podcast (getwellbe)

A lot of studies and news stories come out everyday that are related to wellness and healthcare and the industries that touch them, some of which have a huge impact on our health. It's a lot to digest (pun intended). We decided to start making The WellBe Wrap-up in July 2017 as a monthly (or bi-monthly when news is slower in the summer) written piece for our readers. Our readers told us they wanted to have it read to them by Adrienne as a podcast episode, and we listened. So here you go, get all the important health and wellness news and research from October + November 2018 right here in 20 minutes. To read some of the studies and other things we reference, read the article here on our site Oh and while you're there, sign up to become a WellBe Insider to get announcements, our latest content and special offers weekly. Wrap-up Topics include: Cortisol/stress & the ability to think Not exercising - worse for you than smoking? A link between cell phone radiation and cancer? Does eating organic lower your cancer risk? EU Votes to Ban Single Use Plastic Is breastfeeding as good for a mom as her baby? Can being mindful reduce pain? Why are Johns Hopkins researchers calling for magic mushrooms to be legalized? For daily inspiration and information follow @getwellbe onĀ Instagram and let us know what you think! xx Adrienne & Team WellBe
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