ASK THE EXPERT---Joanne Creary (Well Woman Coaching) - The Justin Flinner Podcast

On April 30, I had the great pleasure of interviewing an amazing life and relationship coach; owner of Well Woman Coaching right here in the Northern Virginia area. Joanne's passion for coaching others comes from a great story she tells in this interview She also shared some of the techniques she uses and how you can perform them on your own. Life coaching is a fairly new field that is being popular by the minute, but there are still so many question that need answered about this new profession and what it means for you the listener. Joanne and I spent a lot of time on this portion to help you understand the importance and the many benefits coaching has to offer for every single person. I know you are hear listening for a reason. Probably one related to finding your purpose in life. So, be sure to listen from start to finish and take some notes along the way. Trust me you will be hooked! And don't forget to learn more about life coaching at her website: --- Support this podcast:
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