Ep 240 - Remembering Stan Lee With Reilly Brown, Vita Ayala & Steven Scott - Down And Nerdy Podcast

It's the day we all hoped would never come. Legendary creator Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95. This week, we reflect on his life and what he meant to so many with some special guest. Not only does James give his thoughts on Stan Lee, he is also joined by artist Reilly Brown (Deadpool), writer Vita Ayala (Livewire) and writer Steven Scott (They Called Us Enemy) who share their experiences and thoughts about The Man. Don't worry, we also have a full show for you this week as well! Find out what we're reading and our thoughts on a new writer for Wonder Woman and a new start for Bloodshot. We also review the new She-Ra series from Netflix, talk about Sony skipping E3 and a big change coming to SDCC this year! If you want more info on this week's show, and past shows, go to www.downandnerdypodcast.com
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