#74: Meditrina (and Porch) - A Chef/Owner Who Does What She Wants - The Utah Foodie Podcast

When it comes to personality, Meditrina has it in spades. From its lovely wine menu, to its quirky design and deep purple interior, this is a restaurant that does small plates right.  On today's episode we go inside the new Meditrina location to talk with their chef/owner, Jen Gilroy. From a career in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee to running a brewpub in Vernal, Utah... Jen has quite the story. After leaving rural Utah, she came to Salt Lake City to begin her search for the perfect location for her first-ever restaurant, and chef gig, Meditrina. Medtrina was arguably the first restaurant in town to focus on small plates when they opened up in 2008, right before the great recession, we might add. So on today's program we talk with Jen about her take on Salt Lake City's food scene, her love for wine, and why she has a passion for design, art, and... the color purple.  On this episode of The Utah Foodie we sit down with Jen Gilroy, the chef/owner of Medtrina and her latest restaurant, Porch.  Meditrina can be found at 165 W 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 and Porch Restaurant at 11274 Kestrel Rise Rd, South Jordan, UT 84009.  For photos, links, and more good stuff visit http://www.theutahfoodie.com/
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