052: Shining a Light on Black Designers with Tim Hykes - User Defenders podcast: Inspiring Interviews with UX Superheroes

Tim Hykes shines a light on black designers. He shows us how an inspiring idea, and a lot of hard work can make a huge impact. He inspires us to challenge everything, especially the status quo. He motivates us to not wait to be asked to solve a problem, but to be a self-starter and solve it. He also teaches us how being a great designer starts with being a great person. * Secret Identity (6:55) * Criminal Justice Background (11:47) * Why the Web/UX? (13:47) * Racist Hand Soap?? (17:00) * 28 Days of Black Designers (20:39) * Why aren't there more Black Designers? (26:17) * Design Superpower (38:11) * Design Kryptonite (40:05) * UX Superhero Name (42:51) * Fights for Users (44:09) * Habit of Success (48:07) * Invincible Resource (56:11) * Recommended Book (57:30) * Best Advice (60:21) * Contact Info (64:10) Check out the detailed show notes including the transcript and Eli Jorgensen’s astonishing superhero artwork at userdefenders.com/052 This episode is brought to you by Adobe, makers of XD. Try it free at userdefenders.com/xd Get your FREE audiobook from Audible at userdefenders.com/freebook. No commitment. Cancel in 30 days, and you won't be charged. The book is still yours to keep.
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