The Most Impressive Person Of 2016 - We Could Make That

If you were a parent, chances are you’d want your kid to turn out like Sagan Schultz. Sagan is the CEO of the functional beverage and nutrition company, WellWell. He has a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, a medical degree AND MBA from NYU and he’s a certified personal trainer. He’s also a certified sommelier and a self-proclaimed fitness junkie. WellWell is a watermelon-based, tart cherry juice that aids in muscle recovery. Sagan developed it in his kitchen because he wanted something to help his body bounce back faster after a workout — and here’s something I love: using his medical and science backgrounds, he created it by thinking of what he wanted it to accomplish for him, not by how it would taste or sell. (Though his somm background certainly came in handy when tinkering with flavor combos.) I asked Sagan how he does it all (despite my hunch that he’s freezing time, he promises he’s a mortal), and the advice he has for people who say they have no time to get things done. We also talk about medical school in the US and the shocking lack of proper nutrition education taught to soon-to-be doctors. I also snuck in some questions about wine — specifically the best bottle Sagan ever drank, and the tips he has for picking the best bottle of Riesling (spoiler alert: they’re not all sweet!) Full show notes:
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