Migraines for 20 years, 5 failed surgeries for back pain and her mom's death: How Dana Williamowsky Healed From All of It- The WellBe Podcast with Adrienne Nolan-Smith (getwellbe) - The WellBe Podcast (getwellbe)

From the time she was a child, Dana Lee Williamowsky remembers experiencing chronic migraines. When the migraine symptoms would come on, she would be confined to a dark room while her head throbbed and she lost vision from the pain. She was desperate for anything that would bring migraine relief. At age 13, she saw a specialist who put her on migraine medication. She ended up remaining on the migraine medication until age 32. At 32 she decided she needed to get off of it. Part of her inspiration was her mother being diagnosed with nonsmokers lung cancer. She was an artist, and had been around toxic paint chemicals most of her life. Within 10 months of diagnosis, she was dead.  Around the time of her mother's death, Dana had a horrible back injury playing golf. She began seeing various orthopedic specialists and underwent 5 different surgeries on her back, hip and groin: none of them having any relief from the pain and causing other issues.   It was a major life moment in which she knew she needed to take drastic action to reclaim her health. She decided to get chemicals out of her home and her life, heal her back pain, get off her migraine medication and finally get rid of her Migraines.    Listen to Dana's amazing story to hear how she overcome all of these obstacles, the integrative therapies that finally did the trick and how all of this changed her career path as well.   Watch Dana's migraine story here https://getwellbe.com/inspiration/chronic-migraines-gonstead-chiropractic   Watch Dana's back injury and surgery story here https://getwellbe.com/inspiration/gonstead-chiropractic-golf-injury   Watch Dana's mom's story here https://getwellbe.com/inspiration/lung-cancer-essential-oils   For daily inspiration and information, follow @getwellbe on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/getwellbe :)   xx Adrienne & Team WellBe
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