Tyler Sharp, Part 2 - Modern Huntsman - Mountain & Prairie Podcast

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, then surely you’ll remember Tyler Sharp. He’s the creative director, photographer, and writer who has explored everywhere from east Africa to Montana’s Paradise Valley and has the stories and images to prove it. He currently works with some of the biggest brands in the outdoor industry, such as Filson and Yeti, helping them to tell authentic and engaging stories. Tyler’s first podcast episode has been one of my most popular—we went deep, covering everything from big-game hunting to kung fu to conservation—so I wanted to have him back to continue the conversation and discuss his latest project, Modern Huntsman. • Modern Huntsman is a biannual publication and online forum for conservationists, creatives, and outdoor enthusiasts. If you enjoy this podcast and my guests’ depth of thinking on topics related to the natural world, then you’re going to love Modern Huntsman. Through thoughtful writing, captivating photography, and elegant design, Tyler and his all-star team intend to improve the perception of hunting in our society by highlighting its thoughtful and conservation-focused aspects, which are often ignored by established media. • I like to hunt, although I’m not obsessed with it like I am with endurance sports. But my work in conservation and deep reading of natural history have given me a firsthand appreciation for the importance of hunting, and the vital role it plays in conserving landscapes and species around the world. Without the efforts of visionary hunters like Theodore Roosevelt, the healthy wildlife populations we enjoy here in the American West would be a mere fraction of what they are today, if they existed at all. Thanks to their deep respect for wildlife born from their love of the sport of hunting, TR and his contemporaries set in motion a conservation ethic that continues to grow and evolve. Now, over 100 years later, Modern Huntsman will carry that ethic forward. • Once again, Tyler and I had a wonderful conversation, and I was incredibly impressed with his ability to discuss complex, sometimes emotionally charged issues in a respectful, intelligent, and non-arrogant tone. Of course we discussed the details of Modern Huntsman, its origins, and why there is a need for such a publication. We chatted about Modern Huntsman’s current Kickstarter campaign, which I highly recommend you support—links are in the notes. We also talked in depth about some of the misconceptions around hunting and specifics about why hunting is so important for conservation throughout the world. And just like last time, Tyler had some excellent book recommendations. • This was a fun and enlightening conversation, so I hope you enjoy. Check out the episode notes for links to everything, and be sure the check out the Modern Huntsman Kickstarter page, watch the film, and support the project. ••• http://www.bit.ly/modernhuntsman http://mountainandprairie.com/tyler-sharp-2/ ••• TOPICS DISCUSSED 3:30 - How Tyler describes his work 6:10 - Modern Huntsman overview 8:40 - Improving hunting’s image 10:00 - Modern Huntsman as “new media” 12:00 - Tyler’s relationship with Simon Roosevelt 14:30 - Modern Huntsman’s target audience 16:30 - Misunderstandings surrounding hunting 20:30 - Modern Huntsman’s strategy for telling the correct story 22:00 - importance of having a woman’s perspective 23:20 - Engaging with non-hunters 26:15 - Esthetics of the magazine 31:00 - List of the editors and contributors 34:50 - History of hunting and conservation 39:00 - Tools for connecting conservation and hunting 43:00 - How safari companies contribute to conservation in Africa 47:50 - The Kickstarter film 50:15 - Tyler’s favorite hunting books 58:10 - Best advice Tyler’s ever received 59:30 - Connect with Modern Huntsman online
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