Radical Empathy with Seth Godin - User Defenders: UX Design and Personal Growth

Seth Godin shows us what radical empathy looks like. He reminds us to do work that matters, for people who care by focusing on serving a minimum viable audience. He teaches us that the way to stay indispensable in our work is to do work where you can’t write down the steps. He also reveals how faked empathy is just as good as real empathy for the true professional acting as if. * Creating UX for Early Computer Games (4:23) * What Book Would the Seth Godin of the Industrial Revolution Write? (6:43) * How Do You Define Empathy? (9:30) * Why is Empathy Important in Doing Great Work? (12:01) * What's Your Greatest Story of Empathy in Action? (14:50) * One of the Greatest Marketing Lessons Seth Ever Learned (18:44) * Status Over Empathy (25:07) * Empathy Learned the Hard Way (28:19) * What's Your Best Advice in Building our Empathy Levels? (30:33) * Advice for Becoming Better Storytellers (32:51) * Are Our Smartphone Addictions Negatively Affecting our Empathy Levels? (34:27) * Seth's Apple Rant (37:44) * Apple Could Solve the Texting & Driving Dilemma in 4 Minutes (If They Wanted To) (39:31) * How Do We Stay Indispensable In Our Work in an AI World? (41:16) * Faked Empathy is Just as Good as Real Empathy (43:59) * What Makes You Angry? (45:34) * Jason's Blurb for Seth's New Book "This is Marketing" (48:10) Check out the detailed show notes including mentioned links, transcript and Eli Jorgensen’s astonishing superhero artwork at userdefenders.com/seth Want to grow in your empathy levels toward other humans, but just not sure how to? I invite you to rise to the FREE One Week to Strong Empathy Challenge brought to you by User Defenders podcast. Simply visit userdefenders.com/empathy and enter your email address (which I commit to never ever compromise!).
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