Candice Morgan: Disrupting Diversity and Company Cultures - The Femails

Meet Candice Morgan, Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Pinterest and a woman disrupting diversity and company cultures. Prior to working at Pinterest, Candice spent a decade honing her expertise in diversity strategy. Unknowingly, Candice was navigating the career path of a future Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Pinterest. Rather than focusing only on the recruiting and hiring process, Pinterest focuses on what happens after onboarding. This includes how leaders are trained to become inclusive leaders, HR processes around being fair and objective, building community, and even how the product serves across all groups. On this episode, you'll learn: * How Candice built her career within inclusion and diversity * What Belongingness means and why it matters * Why it matters to be your authentic self   Show Notes: 28-Day Career Kickstart: Career Contessa Instagram: Pinterest:        
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