The Shining -- All the Way - Supercontext: an autopsy of media

Together with guest Jack Bennett we compare and contrast all 3 versions of The Shining: Stephen King's novel, Stanley Kubrick's film and ABC's television mini-series. What does this horror tale of alcoholism and domestic violence say about redemption and narcissism? iTunes Direct Link Google Play Direct Link Additional Resources: * Meyers, K. (1997). Frightening strikes twice. Entertainment Weekly, (374), 44. * Thomson, D. (2013). Days and Nights at the Overlook. New Republic, 244(4), 56-58. * Parker, J. (2010). A Killer Vacation. Atlantic, 306(1), 34-36. * What Stanley Kubrick got wrong about “The Shining” * Book vs. Film vs. Mini Series: The Shining * What The Shining miniseries reveals about the King/Kubrick divide * 'The Shining' by the numbers * Is Stephen King justified in hating Kubrick’s vision for The Shining?
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