How to Navigate Power and Privilege in the Workplace - The Femails

Felicia Jadczak and Rachel Murray are co-CEOs of She Geeks Out, a company providing tech and tech-adjacent women and their allies an opportunity to network and connect with each other as well as with companies who wish to hire them. They also happen to be extremely passionate (and knowledgable) on the topic of navigating power and privilege in the workplace, AKA the invisible problem. And because we’re here for that real-talk advice, be sure to stick around till after Felicia and Rachel’s teachable moment because we’ll be answering your listener questions starting with how to make the leap from freelancing to full-time entrepreneur. You can submit your career questions for us to answer on future episodes by leaving us a voicemail at 844-FEMAILS. Show Notes: Career Contessa Instagram: 844-FEMAILS (844-336-2457)
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