Episode 28 - Group of 7 - Not So Boring Conversations

In the late 1800s Western-themed dime novels were published all over the United States telling fictionalized stories about real American icons like Buffalo Bill, Billy the Kid, and Jesse James. Now replace American cowboys with real life Canadian war heroes and icons, like John McCrae, A.Y. Jackson, Lester Pearson, and Conn Smythe. Set them in the First World War at Vimy Ridge and you have the Canadian version of the American dime novel. Group of 7 is the new comic written by Chris Sanagan and drawn by Jason Lapidus, the comic follows the fictionalized adventures of 7 brave Canadian soldiers. Speaking with Jason and Chris by phone their passion, excitement, and knowledge of their project was contagious. Part of their goal is to bring attention to these 7 Canadian men in an entertaining way while another part is to maybe ask questions or start conversations about Canadian history. This brings a smile to my face and I would gladly pay far more than a dime to follow that adventure.
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