The cavnessHR Podcast - A talk with Darren Austin - The cavnessHR podcast

Our guest Darren Austin is a consumer product executive who helped pioneer many of the innovations in technology that we take for granted today - including including e-commerce, mobile apps, social messaging, location-based products, and cloud services.   Between 1999 and 2010, Darren: · helped start Amazon's first mobile product initiative in 1999,  · co-founded two small tech companies, · introduced the first instant messaging app for the iPhone in 2008 as the product lead for Mobile AIM & ICQ at AOL, · helped start the mobile product team at Expedia in 2010. More recently Darren served as the VP of Products for Seattle-based startup, Glympse, and in 2015 was recruited by Microsoft to help accelerate the cultural change at the company as the product lead for OneNote. Darren is married to Mardee, his wife of 17 years, and they are parents to two Boston Terrier rescue dogs, Maggie and Sophie. Darren is active in the Seattle-area startup community and recently began co-producing a podcast called The Better Show with two of his close friends.
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