Episode 41 - How To Establish Your Investing Path - Real Estate Success With Jim Ingersoll

Join your host, Jim Ingersoll, in this week's Investor Success Podcast focusing on what YOU MUST DO to establish the future you want as a result of investing in real estate. Discussion Points: * How to plan your next 12 months * Steps to double your income and spike your net worth * How to focus on the critical few items and let the trivial many go away * Why you must write down clear goals and measure your results * 3 characteristics of highly successful entrepreneurs * Jim's 12 month challenge Free Gift for Listeners at bigmoneyinvestor.com/freegift This contractor documents & flipping houses swipe file includes: * How to on-board new contractors when flipping and rehabbing houses Checklist * Contractor Agreement Contract & Indemnity Agreement * Contractors License Guide - A, B, C and Trades * Contractor Insurance Requirements Checklist Ready to take your investing to the next level? Join your podcast host, Jim Ingersoll, in the Investor Success Mastermind
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