Episode 172: Jon Cooper, pt. 3 (2020/08/13) - This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper

Its the episode 172 of this show and today's guest is Jon Copper, David's brother, who lives in Canada. The typical sibling camaraderie is on display during their initial talk. And we get the 2 callers Dan and Tony being one of them. Then Miranda also joins in. Dan is quite for most of the time. The main discussion of today's episode is David and JJ's upcoming trip to his childhood home in Canada. And Miranda is pissed that she is not invited to it. And Dan and Tony pull David, who has a meltdown over this. We watch both argue over this. And the argument continues post the ogling at Tony's Ex. Davids justification for not inviting Miranda, "Because of the quarantine" is reminded me of "We were on a break" from FRIENDS. This is MarU from India rating this show a 2.5 of 5. PS: Thanks for the bonus and one question to David, why is there an ad of "Pornhub Gay" and it takes to a stupid ad of person showing tongue problems!
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